A Large Supported Community.

Quantum Gaming is prodigiously equipped and prepared for all rounds of gaming. In order to take pride in what we do and best accommodate our community, we support a wide range of users.

Powerful Servers

In order for Quantum Gaming to provide, we must have a potent machine. The expenses aren't what we're examining however, the hybrid server we utilize should and will gratify you as you're running smoothly on our services.

Server Specifications:

Xeon E5-2670 - 16GB RAM - 400GB SSD

Gigabit Connection

Experienced Staff

Our staff team is a hand picked one of a kind crafted group. With 35+ years of experience accumulated, we take pride in the operations of Quantum Gaming. We have to maintain the community for the experience of the utilizer because that's what this is all about. Without a user base, there is no Quantum Gaming so we appreciate you for being apart of our community and sanctioning us to accommodate you.

Wide Support of Games

With so many games being created, we couldn't avail but support an immensely colossal range of them. From simulation games such as American Truck Simulator, to 2D games such as 911 operator - we have the audience for them all. We take pride in what QG supports because it makes our users that much more closer. Even if you don't play games on the computer, cross-play is supported as well. All asked of you is to have fun!

Teriyun G.

Quantum Gaming came from the ground up very quickly and there is a reason why. The day-to-day activity of the user base really provides you a perspective of why everyone, including myself have chose Quantum. It's a great community as a whole!

Tyler M.

As a user and staff member at Quantum Gaming of 8 years, including its predecessors, I only have good things to say about this top notch gaming community. Their multiple servers across many platforms operate smoothly and at top speeds, providing the best gaming experience for your needs.


FREE Rigs of Rods Server!

Quantum Gaming is fortunate enough to have a very powerful machine. We want to give to our members so you have an offer to claim a free Rigs of Rods server.


Become A Moderator!

Do you want to be apart of a uniquely crafted team? If the apps are open, get your pen ready jack!


Contact US!

We're always available for contact. You may contact us through various programs, please be respectful and professional when contacting.

Email: support@quantumgaming.org

Discord: https://discord.gg/THn6yeg

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